Smoke Dance

The Sencas, Oneidas, Onondagas, Iroquois, etc have many ceremonial dances in common. One of them happens to be the smoke dance. The smoke dance is one of the more energetic […]

The Cowgirl Cometh

The title – “The Cowgirl Cometh” – seems composed of a lot of unrelated words. Here I am mixing a 16th Centry term – “cometh” – which was used a […]

Patient Little Cowgirl

I have agonized over this photo – “Patient Little Cowgirl” – for days. Not because the photo was difficult to develop, I saw something in the development which I knew […]

Boots and Spurs

I took another spontaneous departure from my usual supplement of fine art nature photography to again have a look at the equestrian events going on at the NY Sate Fair […]

Finger Lakes Sunset

Having completed a visit a to the New York Hope Mills, my companion photographers and myself decided to make our way back through the Finger Lakes Region to Syracuse. On […]

Hawk Eye

I hate to talk of things in the past tense. But, I have taken so many pictures this year and have simply sat on them because I was either too […]

Guard Duty

As one friend told me, this is a perfect example of a slice of life photograph. I am not sure if, during the Civil War, whether any of the persons […]

Boots of Valor

America’s Civil War pitted the Confederate Army from most southern states against the Federal Army from the nothern states. Besides being a war of ideology and interpretation of the Constitution […]