The Stare

Aren’t there days when you feel like this guy. Like someone ticks you off to the highest level of tick-tivity but rather than blow your top you just stare at […]

Penguin Passion

By nature, penguins are curious animals. Once someone or something enters their personal space they start investigating. Children are just as curious. So what happens when two equally curious creatures […]

Reindeer Games

This is yet another photo which I took while on “safari” at the Rosemund Gifford Zoo. I say safari as this is what it felt like while I was out […]

Nestled for Warmth

Taking advantage of the fair Sunday weather and to shoot with some photography friends, I ventured to the zoo. I had already made up my mind that in spite of […]

Sitting in the Dark

Everyone who welcomes the new year lives in the anticipation of something brighter, better, worthwhile. Indeed, with everything that has happened over the past 12 months everyone is looking forward […]

Canastota Windmills

Last week, I wrote of thedilapidated shed in the field of the Finger Lakes region.The Finger Lakes region right now is under a lot of debate as there is discussion […]

Hawk Eye

I hate to talk of things in the past tense. But, I have taken so many pictures this year and have simply sat on them because I was either too […]