Awash with Color

On the same Sunday I visited Chittenango Falls and captured my red leaf on a bench, I also saw some of the richest display of Fall colors from the various […]

Monet Branches

Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, was one of the founding fathers of a style of painting which emphasized very thin brush strokes and accurate interpretation of light. It should seem […]

Forbidden Fruit

The minute I saw the half eaten apple I immediately thought, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Forbidden Fruit. Thankfully, I never got to the serpent part. But, for me, […]

Rotting Apples

A rather common scene from the Apple Orchard I visited on Sunday were rotting apples. They were scattered all over the ground beneath the trees. I didn’t have to walk […]

Apple Nectar

On Sunday, I accompanied some friends to an orchard for some apple picking. Being my first ever trip to do any sort of apple picking, I decided to carry my […]

Kicking Up Dust

The atmosphere was humid, the wind was hot and numerous horses could be seen in the warm-up pen being run through their paces kicking up dust as they trotted by. […]