Guard Duty

As one friend told me, this is a perfect example of a slice of life photograph. I am not sure if, during the Civil War, whether any of the persons […]

Blanket of White

Feeling rather chilly this morning, 53 F  at what is supposed to be just the beginning of Fall, I began thinking of the last winter which ran through the North […]

Boots of Valor

America’s Civil War pitted the Confederate Army from most southern states against the Federal Army from the nothern states. Besides being a war of ideology and interpretation of the Constitution […]


The last time I caught three flowers clustered together it was a shot I took in a friends garden. I ended up naming the photograph “Blossom in Three” under my […]

The Forgotten

While teaching a student some of the basics of photographing flowing water at a nearby fountain, I broke away from the student and the instructor – a friend of mine, […]


Flamenco, the popular Spanish dance with its very energetic and graceful moves is also the Spanish word for Flamingo; And, that is the name of my latest image – Flamenco. […]