The Slow Road Back

It has been over a year since I have written on the blog. It has been two years since the stay-at-home measures, one year since I last posted and a […]

Quarantine Cuisine

It has been over two months now that I have been working from home. The experience was a bit frustrating at first but I have grown fond of it and […]

Pink Carnations

Pink Carnations

Feeling some anxiety to experiment with light, I decided to take it upon myself to see what else can be produced with shadows. I was reminiscing on the work I […]

Playing with Shadows

Playing with Shadows

This Memorial Day, I decided to get out on the road and visit a village which I have been anticipating visiting for quite some time – Northport. It was no […]

Chinese New Year: Little Sheep

Little Sheep

Unlike the Western Zodiac which depicts different celestial groups as representation of periods within a year, the Chinese Zodiac, instead, represents a different animal every year.   There are twelve animals […]

Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

It has been quite some time since I have had an opportunity to visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.  And, at the first opportunity to do so, I […]

Wine and Amaryllis

Wine and Amaryllis

What better way to spend a wet Christmas Eve evening but with wine and amaryllis. A rather uncommon weather condition resulted in a soggy, rather than a snowy, Christmas.  And […]

Dances With Lions

Lion Dancer

No, this is not an introduction to a Kevin Kostner film about the Native American Indian experience. This is a photograph of the Asian American experience – Dances With Lions. […]

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Memorial Day was established as a day of reflection for those who died in the U.S. Civil War. However, it has expanded to recognize the soldiers who have lost their […]

Weeping Clown

Weeping Clown

On the same day I visited New York City and caught sight of the Naked Cowgirl, I also took notice of another odd character in the Times Square area. It […]

Naked Cowgirl

Naked Cowgirl

One of the most interesting franchises I have ever heard of is that of the Naked Cowboy. The term Naked Cowboy is trademarked by Robert Burck. However, he licenses the […]

Through My Window

Through My Window

It is amazing the small things we miss because we are so wrapped up in the business of the regular day-to-day – the falling rain, the blossoming flowers, the small […]

Montauk Point Coastline

Oops, I did it again. I revisited the Montauk Point area to have a look at it given the changing conditions and because things were warming up – yaaay Spring. […]

White Mane

Like a scene straight out of a fairytale novel, a white maned horse, Jill, pauses and casts here stares in my general direction resulting in the photograph presented on the […]

Breaking Dawn

This is not the final installment to the Twilight saga – far from it. This is to introduce the real “Breaking Dawn”. The photo in this post was taken at […]

The Eyes have It

During the preparatory work for Thanksgiving, I took a photograph of a friends daughter. The part of the composition that really caught my attention at first was the back-lit area […]

Winter Berries

Thanks to the acute attention to detail of fellow photographer and instructor, Joe Inzalaco, I was able to capture something I rarely take notice of – winter berries. We were […]

Fall Daisy

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, there were many other photographs I had celebrating Fall but had not published. I was much more concerned with following the weather and the developments as […]

Jasper the Nipper

This post is dedicated to a friend and fellow photographer, Lynne Fordham, whose dedication to getting the story through the lens often means stepping in harms way and risking lens […]

Two of a Kind

It is amazing sometimes to observe some of our human like qualities being reflected in other species. In the same way we care for our young, that behavior is exhibited […]

Grazing Reindeer

I will be the first to admit that the photograph of this grazing reindeer looks a lot like something straight out of a fairy tale book or some wildlife photography […]

Golden Lion Tamarins

Golden Lion Tamarins are one of the more active simians present at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, next to the Squirrel Monkeys. Being one of the New World Monkeys, it is […]

Awash with Color

On the same Sunday I visited Chittenango Falls and captured my red leaf on a bench, I also saw some of the richest display of Fall colors from the various […]

Monet Branches

Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, was one of the founding fathers of a style of painting which emphasized very thin brush strokes and accurate interpretation of light. It should seem […]

Forbidden Fruit

The minute I saw the half eaten apple I immediately thought, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Forbidden Fruit. Thankfully, I never got to the serpent part. But, for me, […]

Rotting Apples

A rather common scene from the Apple Orchard I visited on Sunday were rotting apples. They were scattered all over the ground beneath the trees. I didn’t have to walk […]

Apple Nectar

On Sunday, I accompanied some friends to an orchard for some apple picking. Being my first ever trip to do any sort of apple picking, I decided to carry my […]

Smoke Dance

The Sencas, Oneidas, Onondagas, Iroquois, etc have many ceremonial dances in common. One of them happens to be the smoke dance. The smoke dance is one of the more energetic […]

Peek-a-Boo Tiger

Standing only inches away from a sleeping mother tiger is scary enough. It is even scarier when she decides to play Peek-a-Boo Tiger with you by quickly opening her eye […]

A Girl and Her Horse

While I paused talking to a companion photographer, a golden glow caught the corner of my eye. I turned, peered down one of the openings to the stables stationed opposite […]

The Cowgirl Cometh

The title – “The Cowgirl Cometh” – seems composed of a lot of unrelated words. Here I am mixing a 16th Centry term – “cometh” – which was used a […]

Patient Little Cowgirl

I have agonized over this photo – “Patient Little Cowgirl” – for days. Not because the photo was difficult to develop, I saw something in the development which I knew […]

Kicking Up Dust

The atmosphere was humid, the wind was hot and numerous horses could be seen in the warm-up pen being run through their paces kicking up dust as they trotted by. […]

Boots and Spurs

I took another spontaneous departure from my usual supplement of fine art nature photography to again have a look at the equestrian events going on at the NY Sate Fair […]

View on The Rookery

The day when I damaged my 55-200mm, explained in when life hands you lemons.., I had visited a rookery for blue herons at the Sterling Nature Center which is located on […]

Take a Bow

Yet another venture into studying forms which occur naturally in nature, I decided to observe the curves of fiddle-heads. I liked the very simple and clean curved structures of these […]

The Folds

This is an oldy but a goody. I had spent quite a few days thinking through how I wanted to edit this photo. But after much observation, I decided to […]

Southwick Beach Sunset

It was April 8; Four rather restless photographers followed the setting of the sun to Southwick Beach Park in hopes of catching an amazing sunset. Being one of those photographers, […]

State of Confusion

Have you ever started talking about a thought and in mid-sentence start talking about something else leaving some to wonder whether you have clearly lost your marbles? Well, that is […]

Three Cubs

It’s been a while since I have posted some of my pictures from earlier trips to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. I had taken many pictures on my visit in February […]

Sodus Point Light House

There is something classical and enduring about light houses. Something about them suggest a metaphorical statement of an enduring light during the darkest times; Or, a spotlight to point the […]

The Rainbow Macaw

I thought I would add a splash of color with this photograph of a macaw. Its brightly colored feathers gave me the impression of a painting where the painter swabs […]

The Stare

Aren’t there days when you feel like this guy. Like someone ticks you off to the highest level of tick-tivity but rather than blow your top you just stare at […]

Penguin Passion

By nature, penguins are curious animals. Once someone or something enters their personal space they start investigating. Children are just as curious. So what happens when two equally curious creatures […]

Reindeer Games

This is yet another photo which I took while on “safari” at the Rosemund Gifford Zoo. I say safari as this is what it felt like while I was out […]

Nestled for Warmth

Taking advantage of the fair Sunday weather and to shoot with some photography friends, I ventured to the zoo. I had already made up my mind that in spite of […]

Sitting in the Dark

Everyone who welcomes the new year lives in the anticipation of something brighter, better, worthwhile. Indeed, with everything that has happened over the past 12 months everyone is looking forward […]

Photos for sale

This is going to be pretty short and sweet. My photos are now available for purchase thorugh the CNY Artists, Crafters and Creators Store at the Shopping Town Mall in […]

Canastota Windmills

Last week, I wrote of thedilapidated shed in the field of the Finger Lakes region.The Finger Lakes region right now is under a lot of debate as there is discussion […]

Finger Lakes Sunset

Having completed a visit a to the New York Hope Mills, my companion photographers and myself decided to make our way back through the Finger Lakes Region to Syracuse. On […]

Award for Trinity

I plan to make this short and sweet. Yesterday, Wednesday, I entered two photos into the digital competition for the Syracuse Camera Club. Although, the photo I was hoping to […]

Hawk Eye

I hate to talk of things in the past tense. But, I have taken so many pictures this year and have simply sat on them because I was either too […]

Guard Duty

As one friend told me, this is a perfect example of a slice of life photograph. I am not sure if, during the Civil War, whether any of the persons […]

Blanket of White

Feeling rather chilly this morning, 53 F  at what is supposed to be just the beginning of Fall, I began thinking of the last winter which ran through the North […]

Hypnotic Swirls

As the season slowly changes to the cooler days of Fall, I thought I would take a moment to reminisce of the summer and one of the things that I […]

Boots of Valor

America’s Civil War pitted the Confederate Army from most southern states against the Federal Army from the nothern states. Besides being a war of ideology and interpretation of the Constitution […]


The last time I caught three flowers clustered together it was a shot I took in a friends garden. I ended up naming the photograph “Blossom in Three” under my […]

The Forgotten

While teaching a student some of the basics of photographing flowing water at a nearby fountain, I broke away from the student and the instructor – a friend of mine, […]

Bridge Over Waters

Over the course of the summer I took numerous trips to some rather breathtaking natural spots. One of those just happened to be the Buttermilk Falls down in Ithaca, New […]


Flamenco, the popular Spanish dance with its very energetic and graceful moves is also the Spanish word for Flamingo; And, that is the name of my latest image – Flamenco. […]


Spring started some time back. But, I honestly hadn’t been out to enjoy it until recent. I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of the better pictures […]

Exhibition 2011

This is just a simple bread and butter note but the Syracuse Camera Club, of which I am a part, will be holding its annual photography exhibition. It is one […]

The Winter Portfolio

For the next four months I am going to be involved in collecting photos for a new section of my portfolio. This section will be devoted to winter. Winter holds […]

Blogging on the Go

I have recently discovered the WordPress app for the iPhone/iPod and realized that my location no longer dictates where I blog. I don’t have to lug around my laptop nor […]