Round and Round the Merry-Go-Round


There are some things that, once seen, trigger nostalgic memories, of simpler and, what we always consider, better times. For some of us who grew up with carnivals and village feasts, visiting a fair filled with cotton candy, Ferris wheels, and Merry-go-rounds were a common sight.Visiting the NY State Fair last weekend thrust me back to into those memories especially when I saw the Merry-go-round.

The lights, the horses, the continual rotational movement was always fun and relaxing in spite of being monotonous. Certainly, they rides do not compare to what you would get at a place like Disney Land. But, I think being high-tech and exciting was never the appeal of a merry-go-round, that was never the point. It was fun because it simply appeals to a very basic desire to have uncomplicated fun.

That desire led me to take the photograph of this merry-go-round at the NY State Fair. It reminded me so much of those uncomplicated fun-filled days  that I enjoyed as a child and I wanted to capture the excitement of that moment. In using a slower shutter speed, I tried to capture the rotational movement of the ride and the exhilarating experience it’s riders would be enjoying. The lights which forms a natural appeal for the ride and most other carnival exhibits are emphasized here as they capture the circular pattern helping the ride seem almost like a flying saucer. And, it stands out as a marvel from the distance it was shot.

Indeed, their simple nature is one of the major appeals of merry-go-rounds. And, it is true that because of this, they do not stack up to more contemporary rides available in places as Disney Land when it comes to high-tech appeal. But, it is the lack of that characteristic which inspires people to get-in-touch with the nostalgic moments of their childhood and experience the exhilarating, uncomplicated fun of the merry-go-round.

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