Fall Daisy

Fall Daisy
Fall Daisy

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, there were many other photographs I had celebrating Fall but had not published. I was much more concerned with following the weather and the developments as it pummeled the east coast. One such photograph is the one included in this post – Fall Daisy.

I had taken numerous photographs of this daisy which could only be regarded as boring. It was boring because it seemed like any other photograph of a daisy. That is, until I decided to break some conventions of photography.

One particular convention that I have always heard of is to never place your subject too close to the edge of your frame – broken. Yes, in experimentation I decided to jettison this convention in an attempt to draw attention to the subject. But, I decided to go one step further in breaking convention.

I also decided to shoot the photograph such that the daisy is facing the edge of the frame. It is convention to provide some space to your subject to allow it to face into the frame – thrown out the window. Here, I did just the opposite allowing my subject to face outside the frame. Indeed, I could have shot this daisy in such a way that it would provide more space to the left. But, It would have taken away from the mystery and interest I wanted to draw to my subject.

The combination of the tight framing and breaking the convention by having my subject look out of the frame made for a photograph that not only broke with convention but created interest. The composition creates a lot of tension encouraging the viewer to question what lies beyond the daisy’s left side, why such tight cropping and negative space. This, however, helped transform this image from an average daisy to one which calls attention to itself.

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