Rotting Apples

Rotting Apples
Rotting Apples

A rather common scene from the Apple Orchard I visited on Sunday were rotting apples. They were scattered all over the ground beneath the trees. I didn’t have to walk far to find some. For this photo, I found four in a beautiful semicircular pattern on the ground which just led my eye through the frame. I aptly named it “Rotting Apples”.

The first thing that caught my attention was the arrangement of the apples. I found it rather interesting that they formed a circular pattern when they fell from the tree. But that formation was indeed a fortunate find.

The other element which attracted me to this arrangement was the color. I think that the red and green hues provided and interesting blend of color. The colors are not a monotone red against green. In the apples we can notice the reds and light greens of the apple skin as well as the browns as the apples display different levels of composition. Further, there are different layers of green on the ground with moss, grass and other small shrubs. Further there are speckles of brown which cover the ground where leaves and twigs have fallen and begun to decompose. the scene is a tapestry of rich colors.

Lastly, the other thing which drew my attention was the light. There was a lot of flat light on that Sunday morning. The clouds dispersed the light providing an even level of lighting. However beneath the shade of the trees, the apples received a soft but directional lighting which came in from the right of the scene. I think that helped provide some degree of dimension and drama to the photograph and of course some interest.

The rotting apples arrangement is reminiscent of my sketch artist days when I drew with nothing more than pencils and paper. Like my previous photograph, apple nectar, it is a simple photograph. But, I think it is also an effective one.

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