Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit

The minute I saw the half eaten apple I immediately thought, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Forbidden Fruit. Thankfully, I never got to the serpent part. But, for me, the scene spoke in metaphoric form. I love it when someone can conjure up ideas from once scene. So allow me to digress for a few paragraphs.

God made Adam and Eve and set them in the Garden of Eden warning both that they should not eat of the tree of knowledge.Eve was seduced by the serpent into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. She intern shared the fruit with Adam who was also fooled into eating of the fruit and both suddenly became aware that they were naked. Having realized this, the quickly covered themselves hiding, and I am going to get silly here, the fruit of their looms. They were later banished from the Garden of Eden after God discovered that they had eaten of the fruit of knowledge  I am pretty sure different people will interpret the events of Genesis differently but this is just a synopsis.

So here we are presented with a scene right after Adam and Eve have both eaten of the fruit. They have realized that they are now  in their birthday suits and have run away to cover themselves. Thankfully, there are no pictures of this nudity, this is a G-Rated site after all. The half eaten fruit lay in the grass where other fruits from the tree of knowledge have fallen. Abandoned by the persons who plucked and ate it, it remains a stark reminder of those who choose to oppose God’s words.

Of course this is just a half eaten McIntosh which has been dropped on the ground. But, one can’t help but wonder of the images it conjures as it lay at the bottom of the apple tree. The images of an abandoned forbidden fruit.

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