Bench beneath a Tree

Bench beneath a Tree
Bench beneath a Tree

This is the last of my Fall photos. The peak season has already come and gone and right now the trees are starting to loose their leaves. Winter is almost here as the temperatures continue to grow colder daily. However, I am going to take one last look back at the fall colors with a simple photograph of a bench beneath a tree.

Certainly, it is not as attention grabbing as the earlier photographs Red Leaf on a Bench and Awash with Color. However, it has a sort of meditative quality because of the simplicity of its composition and what it implies. A bench beneath a tree already implies the idea of taking a break, resting and in so doing I am taking a break from the fall pictures to make way for a new set of images which will follow in later postings.

To review the composition, the image does something that I have always been told not to do; It divides the frame evenly vertically and leaves a conflicting imbalance. On one side, the left side, we have a bench. On the right side, we have empty space. It is an imbalance which draws interest to the photograph and again presents a more painterly aesthetic.

A railing runs in the distance creating a division and  giving the impression of a layered scene with depth. The foreground is bordered by this railing and consists of everything up to the railing. Everything beyond the railing represents another layer and this forms the background.

To draw extra interest, the bench was lightened as it was in deep shadow. The shadow beneath the tree was enhanced somewhat to give the impression of a shade from the branches above which form a small semicircular form above the bench.

As stated before, the design is very simple and invokes a very tranquil mood not only because of the composition but because of the elements within that composition – a bench beneath a tree. And, this signals the close of my Fall photos for the year to make way for other photos to follow.

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