Awash with Color

Awash with Color
Awash with Color

On the same Sunday I visited Chittenango Falls and captured my red leaf on a bench, I also saw some of the richest display of Fall colors from the various trees which grow along the valley walls of the falls. It was indeed awash with color – reds, greens, yellows, oranges, peaches. It wasn’t a rainbow but certainly it appeared as if someone had selected some basic primary colors and had gone wild sprinkling the hills and valleys of the falls with droplets of paint.

This is pretty much what I envisioned when I shot the image displayed in this post. I could have shot the rich tapestry of colors which lined the valley. However, I wanted to avoid the cliche of the numerous fall photographs I have seen online. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they are bad, I just, as usual, wanted to take a different approach and try to create something new and and intriguing. I found this small clearing where one tree was already turning yellow with color and noticed the oranges and greens that had grown around it. It seemed almost abstracted from the rest of the background because of its bright colors.

As I stated earlier, it seemed like a painting.I could easily imagine a painter having drawn some strong vertical lines to represent the trunks and branches of the trees. He would have also taken the time to paint the yellow tree which is prominently displayed in the foreground. And, with two paintbrushes in hand, dipped with red, and green paint, began to wave his hand and allow the colors to fall where they may creating a kaleidoscope of color. Hence the name “Awash with Color.”

Personally, this is one image I can see on my wall, to remind me of the beauty of fall in Central New York. A reminder of how nature can put on its own artistic display. A reminder of how the hills and valleys, in Fall, can be come awash with color.


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