View on The Rookery

View on the Rookery
View on the Rookery

The day when I damaged my 55-200mm, explained in when life hands you lemons.., I had visited a rookery for blue herons at the Sterling Nature Center which is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. The atmosphere of the area was almost alien to the say the least. The  area appeared to be rich forest land which was later flooded with water and was transformed to swamp. The water itself was blanketed with a thick growth of algae which stretched for miles and in the center of the flooded area were the trunks of dead trees on which nested the blue herons. I tried to capture this airy feeling of absence in my capture, “View on the Rookery”.

The open and in some ways desolate and decaying field of dead tree trunks were scattered all throughout the scene. There was one trunk which caught and kept my attention. I used this trunk to provide an anchor for the emptiness of the scene. The grass like field which stretches from foreground to background is really algae covered water which  conveniently hides the depth of the water.

It was really an amazing scene and I had never once seen something so intriguing and yet so dead.

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