When Life Hands You Lemons…

I was recently out shooting with some friends at a nature reserve near Lake Ontario. While perusing the paths of the grounds, I came to a point where I felt I could do away with my tripod for some handheld shots. Due to a miscalculation, the camera fell from my tripod and fell to the ground, lens first. It didn’t appear to have hit hard, nor did it apear to have received any serious physical damage. But, I was mistaken. Although, I was still able to autofocus and was still able to make use of the VR functionality on my Nikkor, the lens was permanently extended and fixed at 200mm.

Surprisingly, I was not distraught or heavily concerned. I think I would have been more concerned if the lens had broken and smashed to pieces. This did not happen thankfully and because I was still able to continue shooting, I continued to do so. I think there was a lesson to learn there – when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade. I could have packed it in and decided that this was the end of the line. I could have sobbed all day and not take another photo. But, I chose to continue shooting because for me the most important thing is the image and capturing that moment. I quickly came to accept that I now had a prime. So, I made use of my lens as a prime and continued shooting. I think that the photographers that I am continually inspired by would not do anything differently.

Anyway, I am awaiting my replacement so I can get back into the swing of things to start making images that matter.

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