Three Cubs

Three Sunbathing Tiger Cubs
Three Cubs

It’s been a while since I have posted some of my pictures from earlier trips to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. I had taken many pictures on my visit in February of this year.. I had initially intended to enter them into competition. But, I changed my mind in the end opting to keep them so I could continue working on them. Also, I had determined that I wanted to revisit the zoo to improve my skills in capturing the animals in an engaging way.

This capture of three tiger cubs sunbathing on a rock is one which I had lingered on and on about finally developing and releasing it. I had thought about developing the image  on numerous occasions only to have my intent become subdued by mere procrastination. Well, I was finally able to accomplish it. Yet, I am still not satisfied as I thought that I could still emphasize the warm. soft glow of the sun which kissed the cubs where they rested. However, this tranquil moment when all three cubs were resting side-by-side was what I wanted to capture to show a more fraternal nature to them.

Capturing animals during the winter can be pretty tricky given the amount of reflection which comes off the snow. However, I want to return during the spring time to see if I will have any luck capturing a different, and hopefully, more active composition of the cubs.

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