State of Confusion

The confused state of the hooded pitta
State of Confusion

Have you ever started talking about a thought and in mid-sentence start talking about something else leaving some to wonder whether you have clearly lost your marbles? Well, that is the same impression I got of this bird – the hooded pitta – which I encountered during a visit to the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester. The bird itself is very photogenic but absolutely refused to sit still. It ran around aimlessly, quickly darting from place to place hence the name of the photograph – State of Confusion. It was because of this frenzied behaviour I captured this image which harkens back to the concept of double exposure on film.

I had intended to utilize my flash to seize the movement of the bird given that I was also working in a low lit, indoor area which required longer exposure times or higher ISO values. But, in my haste, I completely forgot that I had my flash set to rear curtain synch. Consequently, the shutter opened and the flash shot off just before the rear curtain closed. The bird moved during that brief moment and so I have a shot of where it started and where it stopped after doing a complete 180 turn. This resulted in this serendipitous capture which I have grown to appreciate and , to me, describes this bird’s state of confusion.

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