Chittenango Falls Revisited

Chittenango Falls Revisited
Chittenango Falls Revisited

Back in 2010, I bought myself a circular polarizer and with unequivocal excitement I went out shooting like mad. Among one of the places I visited and made use of the polarizer was the Chittenango Falls. The photo I composed and took that day is available in the park walks collection of the portfolio.

This year, January 1, I was invited out by three other photographer friends for a New Year shoot-out. One of the many places we visited was, you guessed it, Chittenango Falls. Was I excited this second time around, you bet I was. This time around I had another toy to play with a graduated neutral density filter which helped me to keep everything within the range the sensor. But enough with the technical talk and lets get down to the image.

Having gotten to the falls, I felt that I needed to take something different which still emphasized the significance of the falls. And, after searching around, I settled on this composition which not only displayed the falls but the environs. Further, the low level of the sun as it broke through the forest trees and lit the grounds of the walkway already suggests that it was early in the morning; It was. But, it was beautiful, it was refreshing and was a fitting way to start the new year – taking photos with friends at the start of the new year.

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