Canastota Windmills

Canastota Windmills
Canastota Windmills

Last week, I wrote of thedilapidated shed in the field of the Finger Lakes region.The Finger Lakes region right now is under a lot of debate as there is discussion to make the site an are for hydrofacking in Central New York.This may mean that the beautiful fields and amazing sunsets that was depicted in the previous photo may one day be replaced by heavy industrializaion as the quest fo energy continues in the US.

However, in Canastota, the residents have taken a different approach to energy genreation. The have chosen to share their corn fields with massive wind driven turbine generators. In this photo I have chosen to experiment a bit with the Ansel Adams style of photo enhancements with rich black skies which contrast with clouds with varying levels of gray depicting deptth and density. This was just an experiment but I think it was well executed for this test.

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    1. Thanks Lynne. It is one of the shots that I had taken earlier in the summer while on a little personal explorartion of the Canastota area. I was introduced to the area when a friend visited an Aquarium supplies store out there and while at that store I could see the giant windmills atop the hills of Canastota. Once I had seen them I had to return for a second look.

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