Blanket of White

Blanket of White
Blanket of White

Feeling rather chilly this morning, 53 F  at what is supposed to be just the beginning of Fall, I began thinking of the last winter which ran through the North East of the country and set record lows and snowfall depths – 8″ there, 12″ in other places. It was certainly one of the roughest winters I have experienced in Syracuse thus far. On two occasions, I had been trapped in my driveway because of the incessant snow and delayed city plows. Yes, I was miserable because of it.

Yet, because of the incessant snowfall, when I did get out, I saw some rather amazing sights. One of those sights happens to have been the Green Lakes out in Fayetteville, NY completely covered in a blanket of snow. This is one of the deepest pair of lakes in this region which were carved out from melting glaciers from the last ice age. But, under this tremendous snowfall, it seemed transformed into something that seem to pop out straight from a fairytale or some story book.

Although, I am not looking forward to the cold again, I am certainly looking forward to taking more photographs like this if the opportunity presents itself this winter. If I collect sufficient, I will see about starting a new portfolio focused on the beauty of winter.

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