Bridge Over Waters

Bridge Over Waters
Bridge Over Waters

Over the course of the summer I took numerous trips to some rather breathtaking natural spots. One of those just happened to be the Buttermilk Falls down in Ithaca, New York. Now, Ithaca is known for numerous waterfalls. But this one was packed with so many sites, I did not have time to visit any others in the vicinity.

In this shot, Bridge Over Waters, I chose to focus less on the falls which has been photographed to death but instead on the stream which feeds the falls. And, I aimed to try to capture the atmosphere, the lush greenery, cool flowing waters and the grandeur of the scene. This is one which will certainly make my

portfolio later on and the print will be available for sale. I hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Bridge Over Waters

  1. Hey Mervin, I Like this very Profesional done altough I didnt have tim to visit the enter site I did very much enjoy what I did see thanks for sharing this link

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