Photographer VS Camera

Anselm Adams once said, a photographer does not take a picture, he makes a picture. In essence, a photographer uses his/her knowledge of light, the cameras capabilities, his/her inner motivations, and understanding of post editing and print to create art work which is manifested eventually in the print. So a photographer is both an artist and technician in one. Now, it’s true the cameras of today do a decent job of doing the technical work for us with extraordinarily large ISO settings, image stabilization, face detection, live preview, DOF preview, and a myriad of other settings but these merely assist the job of the photographer and help to increase the quality of the output. But, it is still up to the photographer to determine the composition, determine whether he/she should use flash, whether he/she should use a larger aperture setting for shallow depth of field etc. So, whereas the camera helps to take care of the technical aspects of the shooting, the artistic and aesthetic aspects still need to be carried out by the photographer and no camera can do that. So which is more important? Photographer or camera ?

Well photographers have been around for quite some time, utilizing some of the same techniques that have existed since the inception of photography. However, the equipment of photographers have been upgraded over the years becoming more sophisticated and capable. So, although the equipment has gotten better, there is still a need for that ever capable mind working behind the viewfinder to come up with with images that capture the viewer’s attention and stirs the imagination.

To make a more entertaining play on that idea have a look at the video below

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