Dreaming of a new lens

It is a amazing how a month flies by so quickly. I don’t even remember all the things that happened and why in the world I only have one post for February – bad me. However, I think it is about time I sat down and got back to some serious blogging.

So what have I been up to? I have been in the market for my first prime lens. I have been looking for a standard 50mm lens with either a 1.4f or 1.8f. Why you may add would someone be using for a prime lens? Have you completely lost touch with the world of the zoom lens and all the pleasures that gives? Absolutely not! But, for taking shots indoors nothing beats a fast prime with a wide aperture.

I have been checking around locally in the Syracuse area but most shops I have visited only seem to stock the 1.8f lens. I would have loved to do a comparison because all reviews I have read online recommend getting the 1.4f for one main reason. Most lenses are soft when they are open at their widest and get progressively sharper as one stops down. This the best photos for a 1.4f is really at 1.8 and the for the 1.8f it is 2f. So, if you want to shoot at 1.8f, it makes sense to get the 1.4f because your images will be as sharp as a tack in the places it needs to with that lens. I have certainly tried out the lens and taken some test shots with it. The one below is a shot I took at 1.8f, in one of the camera shops I visited and my impressions.

“Dribble, dribble. Yummy, creamy bokeh. Dribble, dribble some more!”

On close examination of the image I did notice that there was a bit of color fringing and a bit of noise in the sharp areas after sharpening was applied. I guess there is some truth to the statement of a lens being a bit soft at its widest aperture.

So why even consider a fast prime lens? Well I have been considering getting some personal projects taken care of which involves some indoor photography, thus my interest in a fast lens. I would love to hear some input on the 1.4f.

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