Pleasing Everyone vs Pleasing Your Audience

I remember reading an extract from the book “Fast Track Photographer” where the photographer stated that most photographers compete in the photography market and fail to compete in the photography market. What he was simply saying is that some people are caught up in selling a photograph while others know what photograph the can produce and instead sell a brand which guarantees a particular quality of photograph. How does this relate to the title of this post? Let me explain.

Well, creating your own style of photographs as opposed to photographing just what appeals to the market creates an exclusive audience. It creates an audience who finds appeal in the sort of photographs you produce and that ensures a market for your photography and allows you to set a price on your photographs beyond those who compete in the photography market.

However, creating generically appealing photos which appeal to almost anyone creates an issue. You are no longer exclusive, your photographs can be duplicated by anyone on the street so there is nothing which ensures your position in the market unless you take some exceptional photographs. And, limits what and how much you can charge for your photographs.

So if you want to really compete in the market you have to figure out what really makes your photographs stand out in the crowd and capitalize on that otherwise you will not be selling to your market. You will be selling to a more general, less exclusive market.

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