The Slow Road Back

It has been over a year since I have written on the blog. It has been two years since the stay-at-home measures, one year since I last posted and a […]

Quarantine Cuisine

It has been over two months now that I have been working from home. The experience was a bit frustrating at first but I have grown fond of it and […]

Run Through Sedona

Sandstone Cluster - A sandstone structure in Sedona, Arizona

So, I have one word to describe Phoeniz, Arizona – hot! Thankfully, my visit to Arizona didn’t stop there. Otherwise, I would have gotten on the first airplane back to […]

Use Dry Cells, Not Rechargeables

It is a rather unusual title to begin with, but it is a very important lesson learned while shooting none-stop for 7 hours. You should always use dry cells, not […]