Park Walks

There are quite a few parks in and around the Syracuse area.  All emphasize the natural beauty of the rural surroundings. However, some do it more than others as they try to strike a balance between the need for urbanization and the need to preserve the natural resources of the landscape.

This small collection of photos taken on various park walks through Onondaga Lake Park, Chittenango Falls State Park, Green Lakes State Park, Franklin Square and Huntington Beard Memorial Park represent some of the sites seen during these park walks and emphasize that same battle between development and preservation. These images were taken early during my return to the photographic world. As a consequence these are dated but do represent my evolving photographic vision.

I have taken numerous photos since then that are both technically and aesthetically improved.  Further, I have visited numerous parks since my stay in Syracuse.  Now with my current residence in Long Island, I have been exploring the difference in natural park landscapes which exist there with lake shore lines being substituted for seas shore lines. However, the images I have collected still reflect the same idea – the natural beauty of these parks and sometimes offset by urbanization.

I have every intention of updating and replacing these images as soon as I feel I have collected a good and varied crop. That is images that reflect the natural landscapes of the area.  However, in the meanwhile, I invite you to enjoy these photos of my past park walks.


Fine Art Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer