Garden Gems

Gardens are naturally beautiful on their own.  The care that garden owners put into arranging the beds of flowers and shrubbery is an artistic venture in itself.  But then there are the individual flowers and shrubbery that make up the gardens. To me, these stand out as the stars of these arrangements and form the basis of Garden Gems.

Garden Gems is an arrangement of flowers and shrubbery which I have shot over the years from the gardens of various friends,  who live primarily in the Central New York area.  The work was primarily focused on the delicate but often times geometric arrangements of these flowers and shrubbery.

Further, the images were shot in both black and white and colour to emphasize the arrangements, and geometry as well as evoke emotional responses. Truly, the images can only fully be completely appreciated by those of us who have a green thumb or have a love for the natural beauty of flowers and shrubbery.

Nevertheless, they are, in their own right gems within the gardens and they have the ability to enhance and transform the visual experience of something as simple and common place as a home garden. It is true that that these images are only completely appreciated by the owners of the gardens, but it is something which can resonate with just about anyone who enjoys the beauty of light, colour and geometric shapes.  So, I invite, you to enjoy the variety and beauty of Garden Gems.


Fine Art Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer